American Literature – Blog Review #3

For this review, I looked at Yasmin’s Blog on the Emily Dickinson movie “A quiet Passion”

Hey Yasmin,

I too have never watched this film, however, after reading this post I’ll definitely need to make some time to give it a watch.

It’s great that you gave a brief description of what to expect in the movie while not really giving away any parts of the film, which is honestly why I stopped reading most reviews as they can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to spoilers.

Good luck with the rest of the year.



American Literature, Blog Review #2

For the 2nd peer review, I have chosen Joshua’s blog entry on Emerson.

Hey Joshua,

I think you hit the nail on the head with this blog, your use of quotes to back up your opinion on the piece shows that you really got into, and understood  Emerson’s “Nature’.

It seems that we both had pretty similar readings of Emerson’s work, especially the idea that modern society has somewhat become a ‘plague’ that everyone should try and step back from once in a while to get more in touch with nature and our spirituality.

Good luck with the rest of the year!


American Literature Blog – 6

So this week we looked at both Robert Frost and Robert Lowell, two American poets, and due to this I wanted t answer the first question, “Write a paragraph that says succinctly which of the two Roberts you preferred and for what reasons.”

It took me a while to decide on which of these two poets I actually liked more as I think both of them write some amazing poetry, however, after reading “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” I knew I had to choose Frost. On first read I really enjoyed this piece, but when we deconstructed it in the tutorials it made me appreciate the piece even more. I love how Frost leaves his poems ambiguous to its true meaning, how there can be so many different interpretation’s of one piece of work, how at the same time it can be both a poem of nature and escaping society while at the same time could be read as a dark poem about death or suicide. To me, deconstructing and analysing shows, games, books etc. is something that I find extremely engaging and satisfying, and Frost’s poems seem to lend better to this kind of analytical mind set. I’m usually am not a big fan of poetry, but Robert Frost has definitely changed my opinion of poetry.

American Literature Blog – 5

So I’ve been struggling to keep up with these blogs due to a combination of essays, placement and illness but I’m hoping to catch up asap.

For this entry, I wanted to try answer what I believe this statement from Du Bois means “The problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color-line”.

I believe Du Bois is referring to the racial divide that can still be seen within America even today. During Du Bois’s time, he would have seen the segregation of the black and white community first hand. Unfortunately for Du Bois, he would have not seen an America free from legal segregation as he passed away a year before segregation was outlawed.
While segregation has been abolished and racial relations have improved over time the pain of the past can still be seen in present America with various groups popping up in recent years, from white nationalists to the BLM movement, largely due to the rise of Donald Trump’s Republican party.

I’d like to pop in my own 2 cents at this part to say that any group/person that tries to justify the use of violence as a retaliation to having their feelings hurt by words are wrong. And as long as we continue to demonize and refuse to see those who oppose our political, ideological, and cultural beliefs as people but instead label them as the enemy, no process will be made in defusing the violence. It is only through discussion that we can solve our problems, Violence just breeds violence. If groups have clashing thoughts, talk to them, find out why they believe what they believe and actually listen to what they have to say. Because if we don’t do this, horrible instances like what happened at Charlottesville, Virginia will continue to occur.

American Literature – 4

I’ve decided to have a go at question 1.

“CREATIVE: Imagine you are hitching a ride with Huck and Jim. Write a paragraph describing the setting and the atmosphere of what it is like to be with these two runaways”

I do apologise for the messy writing, it seems like trying to write this entry while on the raft was a poor choice on my behalf but I cant complain about a free ride to Cairo. Lucky for me a young lad named Huck happened to float past me, and when I asked where he and his slave were heading I was stunned for his slave, well, I thought he was the boys slave, turns out he was a run away, told me Cairo, I told them I too wish to travel to Cairo as my ma and pop lived there and it had been a while since I had been home.
It as strange travelling with these two, they treated each other as equals, not may men would treat a negro equally. Me, I don’t really have a problem with em, If they treat me right, ill treat em right. When I was on board he introduced himself as Jim, he and Huck were heading to Cairo so Jim could get to a free state. That’s all the information I could really get outta the two, the boy seemed on edge the closer we got to Cairo but I thought I better not push it, I was getting a free ride after all. Well il write more when we get to Cairo, im to tired to continue writing and the swaying of this raft is making me sick.

Blog Review – #1

This week I reviewed a friend of mine, Dan.
Im good friends with Dan so I thought it’d be good to review his first.

Hey Dan,
I enjoyed the bit of research you did for this blog post, I don’t really know anything about Native American clans but it does sound like an interesting topic to research.
I think the only nitpick I can come up with for this post would be a lack of actually explaining how you personally believe:

“…that we can apply the Native American sense of the importance of nature to make our own lives whole and meaningful. “.

You do briefly touch on about how we can form a closer bond with animals to be closer to nature but it would have been nice to hear your own personal voice on how an everyday person can apply the sense of nature to make our own lives more whole and meaningful.

Overall I give you 4 crash “Woahs!” out of 5.


American Literature – Blog #3

This week I’m going to try and give writing a poem like Emily Dickinson a try. It’ll probably fail horribly but eh its worth a shot. Going to say this is not about me I’m actually thinking of a specific character in mind while writing this, bonus points if you can guess who it is before hitting the last line.

I cannot live with you –
This feeling always persistent.
A once glistening light =
engulfed by perpetual darkness-

A Man broke down –
or perhaps – a Boy.
The glint in his eye –
long since gone –

Self Medicated, Self-destruction –
On edge –
Living through others –
is his last hope.

The only one he trusts –
a nervous wreck.
Yet he still finds comfort-
within his neurotic stupidity.

When it reaches a conclusion –
may be a while yet –
one thing is certain –
It’s all Jerrys fault.

Obviously much shorter than Emily Dickinson’s original poem as I am nowhere near as good. The amount of effort she must have put into her poetry is outstanding, especially to only see so little of her work published while being alive. I like her dark style so I wanted to use that to make a little joke that I’m sure most people around my age will get, because hey, some of the funniest humour comes from dark places.