Peer Review #1

This week I reviewed Felicity’s very well written and spot on post. I somehow managed to spell Felicity’s name wrong and now I feel like a bit of a goof.

“Hi Felicity, I randomly chose your blog to comment on this week, and I must say the post was spot on. I don’t think you could have used any better quotes, to sum up, your thoughts on Romanticism and you seem to know the subject pretty well. Hopefully, this topic is a breeze for you! I look forward to reading some more of your stuff in the near future.


Blog Post – Creative Q2.

I decided to write this piece as if it were to be a moment in the book instead of being a direct 1st person view of Mr. Knightly responding to the news that Harriet has fallen in love with him. Personally, I think Mr Knightly would respond pretty calmly if given this information. If you find any spelling mistakes and what not let me know in the comments and ill be sure to fix it up. Cheers.

Emma made her way to the study, the echo of her footsteps ringing throughout the empty hallway as she approached the sturdy wooden door and swung it open to find Mr. Knightly reading through an old leather bound book she had left out. Mr. Knightly glanced up from his reading with a hint of surprise on his face.
           “Emma, how do you do? I was under the impression that you would be out with Mrs. Smith this afternoon.” Mr. Knightly lowered the book “Hmm, I never did have a chance to read Hamlet before but I must say it has caught my eye.”
            Emma, still flustered from her meeting with Harriet walked over to Mr. Knightly and delicately took the book from his hand as to not damage it. “I’ll have you know that Hamlet is one of my most cherished pieces in this library.” Emma closed the book and gently placed it down on her father’s desk. “I was indeed with Harriet this afternoon, and I would still be with Harriet at this moment if she had not needed to head into town to pick up some more ribbon.”
            “Is that so?” Mr. Weston now standing walked over to Emma, studying her face with a quizzical look in his eye.
            “It is so.” Emma replied with little to no emotion in her voice.
“Then please forgive my intrusion my dear Emma but from the manner in which you entered I do believe there is more to what you are telling me.” Mr. Weston locked eyes with Emma, he knew when Emma was keeping secrets from him, he had known her since she was just a girl and had grown quite accustomed to her mannerisms over time. Emma felt Mr. Knightley’s gaze examining her. While she may be able to hide her true feelings from her father Emma thought, Mr. Knightley’s keen eye could sense when something was wrong. Emma sunk her shoulders in defeat.
“Mr. Knightly I have made a terrible mistake, I know I have been warned by not only you but my papa.” Emma slowly turned to peer out the study window, the weather had turned from a sunny afternoon to a dark cloudy scene, fitting that the weather should happen to echo the situation, Emma thought to herself as she studied the dark clouds slowly drifting by. “I believed Harriet to have been in love with Mr. Frank Churchill, I believed it to be so true as to already begin thinking it a match..”
Mr. Knightly remained silent, he could sense that Emma was yet to tell him the brunt of the blow.
Emma turned to face Mr. Knightly, frustration written across her face “But it is not Mr. Frank Churchill who her heart longs for.”
“Then who is it that heart longs for Emma?” Mr. Knightly asked calmly, although he had summarized by Emma’s presence that he himself would be the answer.
“It is you Mr. Knightly, Harriet Smith’s heart longs for you.” Emma scrunched her hand into her dress, a wave of emotion crashed over Emma, she had never felt this way. I was to never to marry Emma thought, yet if I truly believed this then why has Harriet’s revelation of wishing the marry Mr. Knightly causing so much anguish inside? Could it be that there was some validity, some form of truth to Harriet’s perceived notions of Mr. Knightley’s kindness towards her? The room remained silent for a minute as Mr. Knightly gathered the book from Mr. Woodhouses’ desk and returned to the chair in which he had been once Emma arrived.
“She Is a fine creature.” The calmness of Mr. Knightly’s voice cut through the silence. “However Mrs. Smith did not become that way of her own accord, and while it is true that I have grown more fond of her over the time she has spent with you Emma I must say it is most in due to her being such a close acquaintance to yourself.”
Emma looked up at Mr. Knightly, her fists now unclenched as she tried to flatten out the wrinkles she had so foolishly created.
“While she is a fine creature, I have no intention of making her my wife Emma. I have said it before that her equal lies within Mr. Martin.” Mr. Knightly opened the book to the page he was part way through reading. “Ah Emma, I do believe your father was calling for your whereabouts earlier, do see to him.”
Emma decided not to question Mr. Knightly, she knew that his word was his word, and with that left him to his reading and went to her father.

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Emma V2 Ch 9-11 review.

Couple more chapters down.
In the last few chapters not much really came to fruition. Emma and Frank were trying to organize a ball before Frank was called back to his Aunts to care for his ill family. However after much discussion regarding cold drafts and rooms not being big enough to dance in they were finally able to secure a ballroom Frank was unfortunately called back to his aunts. Emma also gave us some insight into her feelings about Frank and questioned if she was in love with him since he seemed to be with her.

Again, not much really happened…

Week 4 Blog Entry – Q3.

Week 4 Blog Entry – Q3.

Four to Three read the scoreboard, with only thirty seconds to go in the last period my heart was pounding, sweat dripping down my face and occasionally stinging my eyes. The entire bench was standing up, all eyes on our team members on the ice, ready to scream out any piece of information we could that would help them. The whistle cuts through the cold air and we hear the slap of the puck as it hits the ice. Grey win it back to their defence, who are notorious for sniping long range slap shots. Shit, not good!
Grey move the puck from the far right to their open D-man on the left who winds up and rifles the puck towards our net, luckily our goalie is quick enough and smacks it out of the air with his blocker and into the corner of the rink.
“Twenty seconds!” I hear a scream come out from my defence partner “Twenty seconds’ boys! Get it and Dump it!”
“Empty net!” one of our forwards screams out to our guys on the ice as I glance down to the other side of the rink to see Grey’s goalie hoping off the ice and sending an extra player on to try and secure a goal and send us to overtime.
I turned back to see one of our forwards sprinting to the corner to pick up the puck and try to get it out of our zone but as he grabs the puck and turns, catches an edge and slips, losing the puck and sending it straight into grey’s stick.
“Ten seconds!” My partner screams out his face scrunched in such sheer distress.
Grey rifles off another shot, this time hard and low crashing into our goalie’s pads and sending the rebound straight back to him, giving him just enough time to have one final shot. Grey goes for the snipe, Top left just over the goalie’s blocker. A loud Clink! is heard and the full-time buzzer blasts. The puck is sitting in the back of the net. “No way.” I say to myself, “No fucking way they put that in before the buzzer.” My head dropped at this point, to come this close only to have the win pulled away from us in the final seconds, for a lack of a more eloquent phrase, felt like a solid kick straight to the balls. I look back up and notice the two referees officiating the game quickly talking to each other, one gesturing to the clock. Wait a minute…
The ref turns to face both benches and waves his arms across his body “No Goal! The buzzer sounded before the puck crossed the line!”
A roar erupts from our bench as we jump the boards, throw off our helmets and gloves and embrace in the biggest hug our goalie has ever had. I had broken the curse, I had finally won a grand final. After multiple heartbreaks, I finally get to drape that gold medal around my neck. I looked around at my team, for the better part of half a year we had played, sweated, yelled and put our bodies on the line for each other. This was my reward for all the shots I put my body in front of, for all the dirty hits I had to endure against the boards, for all the elbows that caught me in the face, and for all the mouthing off I had to ignore. I had put my body on the line for these guys and even thrown down the gloves for them when other teams tried to go after our younger players. And at the end of it all, I couldn’t have asked for a better team because I knew that they would do the exact same for me.

Emma V2 Ch6-8 Review.

Only two chapters down today, but in my defense chapter,8 was much longer than Austen’s normal chapter length.
Within these two chapters, there was quite a bit of dialogue so I’m just going to summarize some important parts in point form.
1. Mr. and Mrs. Weston had a party in which the entire main cast (besides the Martins..but to be honest at this point in the book I wouldn’t really consider them part of the main cast.) attended.
2. Emma and Mr. Knightly are still quarreling over what type of man Frank Churchill is. While Emma is obviously smitten with Frank at this point, thinking he’s amazing Mr. Knightley still has a strong disdain for the boy. If I didn’t already know the fate of Emma and Mr. Knightly this might not have registered to me as Mr. Knightely being jealous but with that prior knowledge, it’s pretty obvious.
3. Jane Fairfax was gifted a “pianoforte” by an at this time mystery party. Fun fact, there is no difference between a Piano and a Pianoforte, a Pianoforte is simply the name given to the instrument during that time period.
4. Frank is quite the singer and dancer. The boys got skill.


Emma Chapter review: V1 Ch 17 – V2 ch 5

So I made some decent progress today in “Emma”, managing to finish volume one and getting a quarter way through volume two.
There were 3 main plot points throughout these chapters:
1. We finally meet the infamous Jane Fairfax who up until this moment was disliked by Emma, but after seeing Mrs. Fairfax after all this time Emma has changed her mind about her and has now befriended her. We also were introduced to the ever chatty Mrs. Bates and get to listen to her talk Emma’s ear off.
2. Mr. Elton has become engaged to Mrs. Hawkins, a lady Mr. Elton met during his trip to Bath.
3. We are introduced to Mr. Westons son Frank, who turns out to be as handsome as Mr. Weston suggested.

I feel like the book is slowly starting to pick up steam now and am finally wrapping my head around who everyone is by name.


Essay Thoughts.

So, I’m still currently reading through Jane Austin’s Emma. With the Essay closing in soon (31st of March) I’m kind of under the pump to get the book read so I can start the essay, If I did the math correctly from where I am up to (chapter 17) I need to read either 33 pages a day for the next 7 days or around 5 chapters a day, Luckily I was also able to get a very well narrated audio version of “Emma” so the 45 min – 1 hour (nearly 2 if it’s pouring down) car trip is not wasted time.

Sticking to the above schedule I should have a week to write the essay minimum to write the essay. Hopefully I can write it in 2-3 days, get it looked at by academic studies and polish it off, ideally I would like to have it done at least 2 days before its due (One thing I’ve learnt is giving myself time for any sort of issues that may arise) which would mean finishing the book by the 22nd, Write the essay the 23rd – 26th, Get feedback from Academic studies on the 20th and finally polish from 20th – 22nd.

While reading through chapters 12-16 we see a huge development within the story as Mr. Elton confesses that he has never fancied Harriet Smith and that he was only friendly with her to be close to Emma. It is shown that he is not the man Emma thought he was but is the complete opposite. During an inner monolog after Emma drops a drunk Mr. Elton off at home after a visit to the Mr and Mr’s Weston’s, Emma realizes that he is only looking to marry someone as high or higher in social status to enlarge his riches. Mr. Elton looks down on Harriet as a lesser and

I’m honestly not entirely sure what essay question out of the two I am going to choose at the moment, I’ve listed the questions below.


Question 1

A closer reading of Emma reveals that Jane Austen’s real interest is an exploration of the deep inner workings of the human heart. In fact, she tries to fathom the truth of her characters’ experience, trying to make them see how their outward life has been made up of so much that is fake. In this emphasis on the workings of the human heart Austen is like the Wordsworth of “Resolution and Independence”.

Do you agree with this point of view?

Focus your answer through a close analysis of the conversation between Harriet and Emma in Volume III, Chapter XI
Question 2

While Jane Austen on the surface seems to follow the pattern of the polite, social novel of the 18th Century with its interests in class hierarchies, at a deeper level Emma is revolutionary and Romantic in the way the relationship between Mr Knightley and Emma is presented as challenging the tastes and prejudices of her time. In the closing lines of the novel Mrs Elton says, “Very little white satin, very few lace veils; a most pitiful business!” 333 (Volume III, Chapter XIX).

What does Austen show the real relationship between Emma and Mr Knightley to be?


Q1 Thoughts:

“Jane Austen’s real interest is an exploration of the deep inner workings of the human heart. In fact, she tries to fathom the truth of her characters’ experience, trying to make them see how their outward life has been made up of so much that is fake. In this emphasis on the workings of the human heart Austen is like the Wordsworth of “Resolution and Independence”.”

First off, I don’t know if I agree with this point of view entirely. While I agree that Austen’s real interest is an exploration of the deep inner workings of the human heart, as seen through the constant efforts of Emma to match others while simultaneously denying she will be matched with someone. I don’t see how their outward life has been made up of so much that is fake. I’m not sure what is fake about Emma’s life, unless we are talking about how people’s perceptions of others can be fake, for example, Emma’s perception of Mr. Elton being at first a kind, well-mannered gentleman. Only to find out he was putting it on in attempts to charm her when he is a drunk, pompous and lack off a better word, Asshat who only wants to be with Emma to extend his own riches. But even if that is the case I haven’t seen other characters who have had that similar of an experience in which their true character is revealed to be so opposite of what was originally portrayed. In which case I would have to state I don’t believe in the statement in its entirety as I don’t believe the second half referring to her as the Wordsworth of “Resolution and Independence”.
In my opinion, I think that while Austen’s real interest is an exploration of the deep inner workings of the human heart. I think Austen is trying to not only explore the deep inner workings of the human heart but is also simultaneously trying to show that love, whether it be a family relationship or between two individuals on a romantic level is often selfish, extremely intricate/delicate and should not be trifled with from outside forces, e.g. Emma trying to play matchmaker. And that finally love should not be bound to notions of one’s public status but should be felt freely and for whoever the heart desires.

Q2 Thoughts:

This question I feel may be easier to answer at a base level, but harder to use external resources as the question boils down to “What does Austen show the real relationship between Emma and Mr. Knightley to be?”.
There are examples of Emma and Mr. Knightley’s relationship throughout the book as being one of if not the most honest relationship in the novel. Both characters never back down from challenging one another and aren’t afraid to tell the other exactly how they think.
Like I said, this one seems easier to answer at a base level, however, I’m for some reason leaning towards Q1 as it gives more freedom to think for myself and argues a point which I think is correct. Maybe it’s just the inner argue within me that likes the idea of refuting the given statement and trying to show evidence of my own statement.

At the end of all this I’m still not sure what one I will do, however, I’m obviously leaning to Q1, As for external sources though I am a tad stumped. Due to my stance on it maybe using studies on subjects like: The study to look at the neural difference between love and sexual desire ( which within the studies conducted found “This psychology of love suggests that sexual desire is more than just a basic emotion, but involves goal-directed motivation and the recruitment of more advanced thoughts.” Showing that love is an extremely intricate emotion of the human mind.
For a second piece, I’m not entirely sure. I plan on having a browse through ACU’s peer-reviewed research papers using keywords such as love, psychology, social status, money, and happiness. I want to try to find another study that shows the complexities of the brain during love or possibly a correlation between happiness and money. By finding one of the last I could possibly tie it to love being complex as I might find that money has very little influence on love in which case would help make the argument of not meddling with others feelings of love (Emma getting Harriet to not marry Mr. Martin due to him being poor and low status).

I’ve got so much buzzing around my head in terms of how to link studies to my arguments as psychology is something that extremely fascinates me, Who knows, maybe after doing some teaching I may try to continue to study psychology.

Anyways, it’s like 1 am and I need to be up at 6 to get to my 8 am lecture, Night.


Emma, Chapters 12-16 Volume 1 review.

I’m just going to preface this with, these are mostly for myself, As a kind of aid to help me remember a basic outline of various chapters within the book.

While reading through chapters 12-16 we see a huge development within the story as Mr. Elton confesses that he has never fancied Harriet Smith and that he was only friendly with her to be close to Emma. It is shown that he is not the man Emma thought he was but is the complete opposite.

During an inner monolog after Emma drops a drunk Mr. Elton off at home after a visit to the Mr. and Mr.’s Weston’s, Emma realizes that he is only looking to marry someone as high or higher in social status to enlarge his riches. Mr. Elton looks down on Harriet as a lesser. Emma toils with herself as she realizes that Mr. Knightley was right about Mr. Elton liking her and that she had led him on by being so friendly to him. Emma then must toil with the fact she convinced Harriet that Mr. Elton liked her and that she had convinced Harriet earlier to turn down Mr. Martin. However, it’s at this point Emma turns back to her usual up herself state as while she feels bad for getting Harriet to think Mr. Elton loved her she convinces herself that getting Harriet to refuse Mr. Martin was still the right thing to do. By the end of this segment, Emma vows to never play matchmaker again. However, I couldn’t help but feel that she will not keep this promise as her turn felt extremely sudden and quite callous.
While I’m still utterly bored with the book due to its rather uninteresting and extremely slow story development I must give credit where credit is due and realize why this novel is an all-time great. Austen seems to be perfectly able to capture not only characters’ emotions but also shows how very intricate relationships can be.

Anyways, that’s enough for now, I’m simultaneously writing my thoughts on the upcoming essay and want to get back to finishing that.


I have no idea what I’m doing.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

So, I’m going to be honest. I have no clue how to actually use WordPress.
I’ve never actually had to maintain a blog for anything so this will be a first for me, You are literally seeing history in the making right now.

Saying that. I’m going to go tinker with settings, probably somehow break everything multiple times and then crawl up in a ball crying that I can’t work WordPress.