Emma, Chapters 12-16 Volume 1 review.

I’m just going to preface this with, these are mostly for myself, As a kind of aid to help me remember a basic outline of various chapters within the book.

While reading through chapters 12-16 we see a huge development within the story as Mr. Elton confesses that he has never fancied Harriet Smith and that he was only friendly with her to be close to Emma. It is shown that he is not the man Emma thought he was but is the complete opposite.

During an inner monolog after Emma drops a drunk Mr. Elton off at home after a visit to the Mr. and Mr.’s Weston’s, Emma realizes that he is only looking to marry someone as high or higher in social status to enlarge his riches. Mr. Elton looks down on Harriet as a lesser. Emma toils with herself as she realizes that Mr. Knightley was right about Mr. Elton liking her and that she had led him on by being so friendly to him. Emma then must toil with the fact she convinced Harriet that Mr. Elton liked her and that she had convinced Harriet earlier to turn down Mr. Martin. However, it’s at this point Emma turns back to her usual up herself state as while she feels bad for getting Harriet to think Mr. Elton loved her she convinces herself that getting Harriet to refuse Mr. Martin was still the right thing to do. By the end of this segment, Emma vows to never play matchmaker again. However, I couldn’t help but feel that she will not keep this promise as her turn felt extremely sudden and quite callous.
While I’m still utterly bored with the book due to its rather uninteresting and extremely slow story development I must give credit where credit is due and realize why this novel is an all-time great. Austen seems to be perfectly able to capture not only characters’ emotions but also shows how very intricate relationships can be.

Anyways, that’s enough for now, I’m simultaneously writing my thoughts on the upcoming essay and want to get back to finishing that.


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