Emma Chapter review: V1 Ch 17 – V2 ch 5

So I made some decent progress today in “Emma”, managing to finish volume one and getting a quarter way through volume two.
There were 3 main plot points throughout these chapters:
1. We finally meet the infamous Jane Fairfax who up until this moment was disliked by Emma, but after seeing Mrs. Fairfax after all this time Emma has changed her mind about her and has now befriended her. We also were introduced to the ever chatty Mrs. Bates and get to listen to her talk Emma’s ear off.
2. Mr. Elton has become engaged to Mrs. Hawkins, a lady Mr. Elton met during his trip to Bath.
3. We are introduced to Mr. Westons son Frank, who turns out to be as handsome as Mr. Weston suggested.

I feel like the book is slowly starting to pick up steam now and am finally wrapping my head around who everyone is by name.


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