Emma V2 Ch6-8 Review.

Only two chapters down today, but in my defense chapter,8 was much longer than Austen’s normal chapter length.
Within these two chapters, there was quite a bit of dialogue so I’m just going to summarize some important parts in point form.
1. Mr. and Mrs. Weston had a party in which the entire main cast (besides the Martins..but to be honest at this point in the book I wouldn’t really consider them part of the main cast.) attended.
2. Emma and Mr. Knightly are still quarreling over what type of man Frank Churchill is. While Emma is obviously smitten with Frank at this point, thinking he’s amazing Mr. Knightley still has a strong disdain for the boy. If I didn’t already know the fate of Emma and Mr. Knightly this might not have registered to me as Mr. Knightely being jealous but with that prior knowledge, it’s pretty obvious.
3. Jane Fairfax was gifted a “pianoforte” by an at this time mystery party. Fun fact, there is no difference between a Piano and a Pianoforte, a Pianoforte is simply the name given to the instrument during that time period.
4. Frank is quite the singer and dancer. The boys got skill.


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