Blog Entry #3 – A letter to Her Majesty.

For this week I took the ‘Letter to the Queen’ idea and decided to write as if I was someone of high enough status to frequently be in contact with the Queen and her family.

To Her Majesty The Queen.

I wish to inform you of a piece of information I have acquired with my travels to and from Her Majesty’s Palace.
Last night in my travels I had stopped at this small delightfully cozy tavern, not a single drunkard inside, I had only just begun my meal when I overheard two young men, they must have been but twenty and four talking about Her Majesty’s train carriage. They were discussing between each other that the royal carriage does not help the United Kingdom one bit. Now I do not wish to repeat the vulgar words that these young ruffians were using to address Her Majesty, but they said the icing on the cake was your royal carriage. That the carriage should be robbed and burnt to the ground for ever thinking such a display of wealth and snobbery would help the common folk. Oh, My Majesty the foul things these young ruffians were spouting out would have their mothers reeling in disgust. Why I have never been in such a mood. One of the young men, a short fellow with a scraggly beard even went as far to make a comparison to Her Majesty and a barnyard animal. Claiming that Her Majesty is less in touch with the common folk than a loon in a nuthouse.
I do urge Her Majesty to be careful whilst traveling in your lovely carriage as I do worry that such horrible words and thought could spread between the unhappy factory workers.
Please do take care.

Warmest Regards.

Mr. Adam Jones.

3 thoughts on “Blog Entry #3 – A letter to Her Majesty.

  1. Hi Adam, I read your Blog Entry #3 – A letter to Her Majesty. I can see how much you love executing your creativity! There are some mistakes in the work, but nothing that a bit of practice cannot remedy. Certainly, the creative element is there, and I understand why it is easier to write a letter to Her Majesty, The Queen, from the perspective of a third person. I think at times the letter could have been ‘backdated’ so to speak, in order to cater the Victorian era. For instance, ‘Warmest Regards’ would be something else. But then this would involve a study on the language used during this period, and then we must also consider the different classes in society, such as the poor, and the wealthy. Hence, there is only so much authenticity a person can produce in such a letter. On the whole, I can see you are an experimental writer and your work is easy to read. You have managed to express feelings consuming those two men, in your letter to Her Majesty, The Queen. I enjoyed it, you’ve got a good imagination Adam. Thanks 🙂


  2. Nicely imagined Adam!
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *not a single drunkard inside, I had only just begun my meal= not a single drunkard inside. I had only just begun my meal []


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