Peer review #2

This week I decided to review a great little piece by Annabelle, describing Sydney in the morning.

Hi Annabelle,

I thought I’d critique your blog piece this week as I enjoyed reading the short paragraph describing Sydney. I think your spot on in the description, especially the “…on foot almost as fast as the buses traveling by them, or how fast they would be traveling if they were not caught up in piles and piles of backed up vehicles.” Section. Back when I had to travel into Sydney near-daily I always use to think that I could probably get off the current bus I was on and just walk to the next bus stop to catch the bus in front of mine. I actually did one day but as a result, I was soaked head to toe and had quite a miserably cold bus ride home. I really like the variety in the descriptions of others you saw walk past, as I’m fairly certain I’ve seen all of those kinds of people on those daily trips. Not much I can say about grammar, spelling or wording I think you captured Sydney in the early morning quite well.



One thought on “Peer review #2

  1. Nice straightforward peer review that reads well and engages with your peer. I am sure Annabelle enjoyed your comments 🙂
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *I think your spot on in the description= I think you’re spot on in the description [you’re= you are= which is what you want. Your= ownership= your pen ]


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