American Literature – Blog #2

This week’s look into transcendentalism was quite refreshing and something I rather enjoyed. Recently I have found myself reading/watching and listening to different philosophers besides Emerson and Thoreau including Friedrich Nietzsche, Stefan Molyneux and while not technically a philosopher he does talk a lot about philosophy within his psychology lectures, Mr Jordan B. Peterson. Saying this ive chosen option one for today’s blog.

It is while reflecting on Emersons “Self Reliance” essay, however, that has affected me the most, specifically the following line:

“Do not believe it. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.”

I believe what Emerson is saying in this sentence is to not believe in external factors to bring you happiness, only your own morals, values and principles can lead you to a happy existence, Which is something I try to live by. While having new flashy things is nice I believe that to be truly happy you need to be happy with yourself. And by knowing where your own morals and values lay you can decide much easier for yourself what is right or wrong, what will make you happy or unhappy. I aim to live my life trying to do what I believe is morally correct and encourage others to do so, I think the world would be a much better place if we put aside what morals and values different ideologies and religions place upon us and stay true to our own internal morals and values.

I hope to read more philosophy based writings in the future and hopefully can take a unit in it for literature.

2 thoughts on “American Literature – Blog #2

  1. Hey Adam great blog post!
    Our Transcendentalism lecture was quite interesting and I have to say it was quite a mouthful to understand what it was all about. You chose a great aspect to look at by looking into Emmersons essay “Self Reliance” and a certain line within the essay about peace which you deconstructed and saw it as happiness by stating that nothing can bring you happiness except yourself (and maybe Jake and Amir). Well done and I hope to see more good work in the future.


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