American Literature – Blog #3

This week I’m going to try and give writing a poem like Emily Dickinson a try. It’ll probably fail horribly but eh its worth a shot. Going to say this is not about me I’m actually thinking of a specific character in mind while writing this, bonus points if you can guess who it is before hitting the last line.

I cannot live with you –
This feeling always persistent.
A once glistening light =
engulfed by perpetual darkness-

A Man broke down –
or perhaps – a Boy.
The glint in his eye –
long since gone –

Self Medicated, Self-destruction –
On edge –
Living through others –
is his last hope.

The only one he trusts –
a nervous wreck.
Yet he still finds comfort-
within his neurotic stupidity.

When it reaches a conclusion –
may be a while yet –
one thing is certain –
It’s all Jerrys fault.

Obviously much shorter than Emily Dickinson’s original poem as I am nowhere near as good. The amount of effort she must have put into her poetry is outstanding, especially to only see so little of her work published while being alive. I like her dark style so I wanted to use that to make a little joke that I’m sure most people around my age will get, because hey, some of the funniest humour comes from dark places.

2 thoughts on “American Literature – Blog #3

  1. Hey Adam,

    Good job on the attempt! You sound like a pro.

    Are you talking about Tom the cat from Tom and Jerry by any chance? If that is the case it sounds amazing, I personally am scared of trying to write poems. Poems are so raw and personal. It does give you an insight to a person’s life and if you hadn’t mentioned that it wasn’t based on your experience, I would’ve assumed you were talking about your life. Overall, I love that you’re trying to write poems. Maybe I’ll attempt one too.



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