American Literature – 4

I’ve decided to have a go at question 1.

“CREATIVE: Imagine you are hitching a ride with Huck and Jim. Write a paragraph describing the setting and the atmosphere of what it is like to be with these two runaways”

I do apologise for the messy writing, it seems like trying to write this entry while on the raft was a poor choice on my behalf but I cant complain about a free ride to Cairo. Lucky for me a young lad named Huck happened to float past me, and when I asked where he and his slave were heading I was stunned for his slave, well, I thought he was the boys slave, turns out he was a run away, told me Cairo, I told them I too wish to travel to Cairo as my ma and pop lived there and it had been a while since I had been home.
It as strange travelling with these two, they treated each other as equals, not may men would treat a negro equally. Me, I don’t really have a problem with em, If they treat me right, ill treat em right. When I was on board he introduced himself as Jim, he and Huck were heading to Cairo so Jim could get to a free state. That’s all the information I could really get outta the two, the boy seemed on edge the closer we got to Cairo but I thought I better not push it, I was getting a free ride after all. Well il write more when we get to Cairo, im to tired to continue writing and the swaying of this raft is making me sick.

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