American Literature Blog – 6

So this week we looked at both Robert Frost and Robert Lowell, two American poets, and due to this I wanted t answer the first question, “Write a paragraph that says succinctly which of the two Roberts you preferred and for what reasons.”

It took me a while to decide on which of these two poets I actually liked more as I think both of them write some amazing poetry, however, after reading “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” I knew I had to choose Frost. On first read I really enjoyed this piece, but when we deconstructed it in the tutorials it made me appreciate the piece even more. I love how Frost leaves his poems ambiguous to its true meaning, how there can be so many different interpretation’s of one piece of work, how at the same time it can be both a poem of nature and escaping society while at the same time could be read as a dark poem about death or suicide. To me, deconstructing and analysing shows, games, books etc. is something that I find extremely engaging and satisfying, and Frost’s poems seem to lend better to this kind of analytical mind set. I’m usually am not a big fan of poetry, but Robert Frost has definitely changed my opinion of poetry.

8 thoughts on “American Literature Blog – 6

  1. Hi, Adam, I agree with you on this one. I preferred Frost’s poetry over Lowell’s too; I thought that it was unique that he could write about the ineffable so skillfully (I believe it to be difficult), while on this magical and picturesque journey. So glad you found content in pulling this piece apart, and it has changed your view on poetry. I was in this same tut as you and was also amazed at the many interpretations we extracted from the poem and how critically important word choice was in aiding this. Nice post- your reasons are totally valid!


  2. Hey Adam great blog posts I give it 4 woahs out of 5.

    I also chose Robert Frost as the poet I preferred as he gives detailed imagery on nature while also having hidden meanings that can be interpreted in different ways by the reader. While I loved Frosts poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening I remembered Michael looking at another poem in the lecture which was The Road Not Taken and I connected with that poem much more as it also provides advice to the reader as it encourages people to diverge from society’s expectations and choose the path that is less taken.


  3. Hi Adam,

    Great blog post! I love the way in which you have written this post. It is very connective with the readers as you show a bit about yourself and use this to highlight why Frost’s poem appeals to you more. I too agree with the idea that Frost’s works have a sense of ambiguity about them, leaving it completely up to the reader to draw conclusions and their own interpretations. I did spot a few spelling and grammatical mistakes, “I wanted t answer the first question” and “many different interpretation’s”. It isn’t anything major but just little things to make the post a smooth read. Overall, congratulations on a grea blog post. Keep it up! 🙂


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