American Literature – Summative Entry

So the semester has come on gone, and another Literature unit is completed.
Within American Literature we covered a heap of various authors and their works, ranging from Native starting with early Native American writing and working our way up to modern day Poets, all while learning parts of America’s history.

As someone who didn’t really know many of the American Classic authors and poets, it was quite a journey for me. I read some works that made me want to stay up all night researching more into the topics they were writing about, and others that made me want to slam my head in the car door. Out of all the pieces, we covered, however, I would have to say that  William Faulkners’ As I Lay Dying was my favourite author and book to cover. Both the book and the film were so uniquely made, with a story being told through the eyes of 15 different characters, all giving their own view on the events, made for a be it, confusing but overall immersive read and watch. And while the story was simple the underlying subplots of each characters motivation on why they were helping out really made for an interesting study on family dynamics of that time era.

I couldn’t recommend this Unit more for those not sure whether or not they want to take the class. Michael is a great lecturer who gives a great deal of depth and insight to the authors and their pieces. Jess was also pretty dang awesome, leading tutorials into discussion was always great, even if it was only a few voices talking most days.

I’m glad I picked this unit and very much look forward to Shakespear next semester!

– Adam

American Lit – Blog #9

For this week’s blog, I wanted to talk about which writer inspired me the most out of the beats.
After reading various poems and working on them during tutorials I didn’t really have a favourite out of the lot, but after sitting down and fully listening to “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery I knew I had a favourite.
The reason I chose Jon is that there’s something hypnotic and immersive about his poems, while I was listening to the reading I felt like I was completely zoned into and interested in the poem. This was probably due to the way it was written.
It felt more like an intriguing storybook, giving you the information you can understand on a base level straight from the start, rather than having to re-read or listen to the poem again just to understand what’s going on.
I also really enjoyed how he was able to pinpoint a certain object, in this case, a convex mirror, and write about it in a way that created a solid image within my head with a level of precision I rarely get to experience from poetry.

I always love reading authors that are able to entrance a reader and fully immerse them within their writings, and John Ashbery managed to do that for me.

I give John 5 ‘scruffy beat beards’ out of 5.

American Lit – Blog Review #7

For this review, I decided to look at Sibel’s interpretation of Eliot’s poem, ‘The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock’.

“Hey, Sibel,

I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of Eliot’s poem ‘The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock’. It gave some great insight into his work and it shows that you have a pretty solid grasp when it comes to Eliot’s poetry. While I was not a big fan of Eliot I think after reading your review of his poem I may have to give him another go.

Good luck with the rest of the unit!


American Lit – Blog Review #6

For this review, I looked at Victoria’s take on Robert Frost’s Poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

“Hey Victoria,

I had to review someone else who also enjoyed Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening as it was my favourite poem we looked at in the tutorials by far, and I think we like it for very much the same reason. it’s ambiguity. I never even thought about it as nature being the saviour but looking back at the poem now I can completely see how you interpreted this which I think adds to how amazing this poem truly is, that despite multiple readings people are able to find new ways to look at and interpret the piece.

Good luck with the rest of the Unit!


American Lit – Blog Review #5

For blog #5 I decided to review Josh’s take on Du Boi’s “Colour Line”.

“Hey, Josh,

I think your spot on about the “colour line” term by Du Bois, and after reading the scenes in tutorials and then looking to our present I agree that the “colour line” has definitely faded over time, and hopefully continues to fade to the point were people stop being so shitty and just treat others equally regardless of race.

Good luck with the rest of the unit!


American Lit – Blog Review #4

For the 4th blog review, I reviewed Rachel’s great piece that shows her fondness for Mark Twain’s writing and how it affects her.

“Hey Rachel,

I really enjoyed reading how this one verse could have such a powerful effect on you and I have to say after reading both Twain’s and your own writing I might just have to give laying under a tree a go next time I’m feeling stressed out. I loved your use of simple descriptive language to bring forth such a pleasant and comforting feelings of enjoying so simple as relaxing under the shade of a tree.

Good luck with the rest of the Unit!


American Literature – Blog 8

For this blog I wanted to try the first creative question, of making a voice for someone I don’t know, for this I wanted to use a guy I saw while I was on the train coming home from the city, he was probably in his mid 40’s early 50’s, he looked quite worn down in his old suit and old leather brief case. When I overheard him he was talking on the phone to someone, he said “dear” and “What did your mum say?” so I’m assuming he was talking to his daughter in her late teens. He looked fed up of the conversation as if he’s had it multiple times before.

Saying all that, let’s begin, shall we?

Every time her mother says no she rings me.
“Dad can I go to so and so’s house tonight?”
“Dad can I borrow some money?”
“Dad can you give me a lift to my friends?”
Now don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter, and I would do anything for her, but after being at work all day, the last thing I want to do is drive 30 minutes each way to bloody Susan’s house. I keep telling her she needs to get her P’s.
“Do your hours with your mum after School.” I keep telling her, but her response is always the same.
“No, mum always nags me when I’m driving, she made me go 20kms under the limit last time!’
Why kids have to do so many bloody hours for the P’s I don’t know. She keeps telling me “dad everyone else fakes their hours why can’t I?”
“If everyone else also jumped off a cliff would you?” I often reply dryly.
I don’t want to be the bad guy, and neither does her mum, but I know im only asked if mum says no because in her words “Dad always lets me!”
One day she’ll learn that her mum just wants what is best for her, but until then, I guess I’m stuck driving to bloody Susans…



American Literature – Blog 7

So for this blog I wanted to respond to Mina Loy’s quote “unconditional surgical destruction of virginity”.

After reading her Feminist manifesto I hope I understood this quote in the context she meant, if not please correct me.
I understood this quote as essentially saying, we need to destroy the importance we put behind virginity, I got this from a later section which reads:

“The value of man is assessed entirely according to his use or interest to the community, the value of woman depends entirely on chance, her success or in success in maneuvering a man into taking the life-long responsibility of her”

If this is the case, I think that outside of religious contexts that the importance on virginity is practically gone already.  I know personally, I couldn’t care less about someone’s sexual status as it has no bearing on myself. If a woman wants to sleep with men before marriage then I don’t see anything wrong with this, I believe everyone should have full permissions over their body, as long as those permissions do not endanger another person or being.

American Literature – Blog Review #3

For this review, I looked at Yasmin’s Blog on the Emily Dickinson movie “A quiet Passion”

Hey Yasmin,

I too have never watched this film, however, after reading this post I’ll definitely need to make some time to give it a watch.

It’s great that you gave a brief description of what to expect in the movie while not really giving away any parts of the film, which is honestly why I stopped reading most reviews as they can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to spoilers.

Good luck with the rest of the year.


American Literature, Blog Review #2

For the 2nd peer review, I have chosen Joshua’s blog entry on Emerson.

Hey Joshua,

I think you hit the nail on the head with this blog, your use of quotes to back up your opinion on the piece shows that you really got into, and understood  Emerson’s “Nature’.

It seems that we both had pretty similar readings of Emerson’s work, especially the idea that modern society has somewhat become a ‘plague’ that everyone should try and step back from once in a while to get more in touch with nature and our spirituality.

Good luck with the rest of the year!