American Lit – Blog #9

For this week’s blog, I wanted to talk about which writer inspired me the most out of the beats.
After reading various poems and working on them during tutorials I didn’t really have a favourite out of the lot, but after sitting down and fully listening to “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery I knew I had a favourite.
The reason I chose Jon is that there’s something hypnotic and immersive about his poems, while I was listening to the reading I felt like I was completely zoned into and interested in the poem. This was probably due to the way it was written.
It felt more like an intriguing storybook, giving you the information you can understand on a base level straight from the start, rather than having to re-read or listen to the poem again just to understand what’s going on.
I also really enjoyed how he was able to pinpoint a certain object, in this case, a convex mirror, and write about it in a way that created a solid image within my head with a level of precision I rarely get to experience from poetry.

I always love reading authors that are able to entrance a reader and fully immerse them within their writings, and John Ashbery managed to do that for me.

I give John 5 ‘scruffy beat beards’ out of 5.

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