American Literature – Summative Entry

So the semester has come on gone, and another Literature unit is completed.
Within American Literature we covered a heap of various authors and their works, ranging from Native starting with early Native American writing and working our way up to modern day Poets, all while learning parts of America’s history.

As someone who didn’t really know many of the American Classic authors and poets, it was quite a journey for me. I read some works that made me want to stay up all night researching more into the topics they were writing about, and others that made me want to slam my head in the car door. Out of all the pieces, we covered, however, I would have to say that  William Faulkners’ As I Lay Dying was my favourite author and book to cover. Both the book and the film were so uniquely made, with a story being told through the eyes of 15 different characters, all giving their own view on the events, made for a be it, confusing but overall immersive read and watch. And while the story was simple the underlying subplots of each characters motivation on why they were helping out really made for an interesting study on family dynamics of that time era.

I couldn’t recommend this Unit more for those not sure whether or not they want to take the class. Michael is a great lecturer who gives a great deal of depth and insight to the authors and their pieces. Jess was also pretty dang awesome, leading tutorials into discussion was always great, even if it was only a few voices talking most days.

I’m glad I picked this unit and very much look forward to Shakespear next semester!

– Adam

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