Shakespeare Blog #2

So I didn’t realise this one was up, but here I am doing it now so let’s jump into it.

This week I chose to do a critical question:
“Explore the opening speech by Philo (lines 1-13), say what you think it means and discus why this speech is so important to the drama that unfolds hereafter”

The opening speech by Philo sets the tone for the entire play, I believe that within this opening speech Philo is telling the audience directly that Antony, a man once revered as one of the three men who helped Rome conquer many empires, has now become distracted with his love for Cleopatra and that all the attention he once had for his army is now put onto her. Philo is telling the audience to look and see, the fall of a man who once had it all.
I think this speech is so important in the drama because it shows that from the very start it would be Antony’s love for Cleopatra that will cause his downfall. It shows that maybe caring for someone, possibly to the point of obsession, can be a dangerous thing to do, essentially warning the viewer in a way, to not put all their eggs in one basket. If Antony were to keep his tactical army mind while still caring for Cleopatra is possible that Egypt would have defeated Rome in the later battles, but Antony let his emotions get the better of him and ultimately caused his demise.



8 thoughts on “Shakespeare Blog #2

  1. Dear Adam,
    I too had missed the blog for this week of our performances to our class. Thankfully, we both found what we had overlooked. I read Philo’s speech differently to you, in that it is a Roman take on someone who has found love elsewhere, and expresses anger at what they see as a betrayal of love for one’s Republic. However I am pleased that you got your thoughts down and seem to be writing well. I particularly liked the use of an old piece of wisdom: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You are a good fellow student, keep thinking your way through the tasks ahead!


  2. Hey Adam, really enjoyed reading your analysis of Philo’s speech (lines 1-13). I also had similar ideas to what you are saying, however you seem to give more detail into it, which helped me to understand more about it. Your blog post is insightful, and it helps others to understand the Philo’s speech, as it did for me. I found it interesting that in the end of your analysis you also put a possibility that Antony could have won the war against Rome, if he balanced his militaristic mind and his love for Cleopatra. Keep up the good work Adam!


  3. Hi Adam,

    This is a good concise paragraph that answers the question sincerely. I agree that lines 1-3 is informing the reader that Antony who once a committed leader to the Roman empire betrays them for his love for Cleopatra. This play is interesting as many scenes unfold which reveals the context of each character. I also agree in saying that these lines are important to the drama that unfolds hereafter as it merely sets the scene of the play caused by Antony being distracted by Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt.

    My only suggestion is to include the quote (lines 1-3) so your blog flows better and makes it easier for the reader to understand. Also, make sure you reference the image you have used. Other than that, great work!


  4. Hi Adam, I like your analysis of Philo’s speech. I would, however, argue that Antony did not really ‘lose it all’ while falling in love with Cleopatra. If you look at Antony as a ruler of an empire, he might have been wrong to neglect his empire, but from the start of the story, he had built himself the reputation of an anti-hero rather than a seduced victim, meaning he had chosen the path of love. Therefore, the ‘all’ is subjective. You can see it as power, Antony saw it as love, so actually, rather than having lost, he gained it all. Good job on your entry.


  5. HI Adam- this is grammatically better than your first blog but you are still overusing HUGE sentences that are in real danger of falling over…… Love your image and indeed the core of what you are saying… but remember too that Philo’s words are not necessarily the author’s opinion…. 🙂
    *while still caring for Cleopatra is possible that Egypt= while still caring for Cleopatra IT is possible that Egypt
    *but Antony let his emotions get the better of him and ultimately caused his demise.= but Antony let his emotions get the better of him and ultimately caused his OWN demise.


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