Shakespeare Blog Entry #3

So I realised I’ve done what I did last semester and named the blogs with the wrong week order, confusing myself yet again. So I’m going back to just numbering them as “Entry #X” I’ve also realised i have fallen behind on my critiques, this will be getting fixed this week.

Enough of the stuff ups, let’s get to this weeks topic which seems like a fun one!

“1/ You are Bottom. In your own words tell the world what you are like, how you like performing, directing and…. encountering the queen of fairies”

I am Bottom. I am the greatest Actor in the lands, but of course, you already know this. I am capable of any role that comes my way, Lover or Fighter I shall encompass the role whole heartily! Whether it be a lover like Pyramus or a sweet lady like Pyramus’s lover Thisbe. I shall encompass the character so much so you shall forget who I ever once was…but just to make sure you don’t we should tell our audience, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that I am Pyramus or Thisbee, as I do not want to worry any onlookers of any tragedy that may occur to Pyramus or Thisbee. Perhaps Before I begin my lines I should let the audience know that I am not Pyramus, I am Bottom? Yes! That will be a fantastic idea!


3 thoughts on “Shakespeare Blog Entry #3

  1. Hi Adam. I like how you’ve replicated how big headed Bottom is. The way in which you list how Bottom can fit into many roles reminds me of the first scene Bottom is in and pleading to be all roles within the play. Another aspect that I liked is how you’ve kept how mindful Bottom is of the audience and how he does not wish to leave any of them behind or make them feel lost. You include his wishes and passion into the small paragraph and make me imagine Bottom in front of me.


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