Shakespeare Blog Entry #6

For this blog entry I’ve chosen to respond to this creative question:

CREATIVE: Write a paragraph that describes vividly three of things that for you fall into the category of BEAUTY. In other words, say what for you is BEAUTY. (This topic, of course, relates closely to Shakespeare’s ideas in his sonnet 65)

I’ve chosen this topic because I think it’d be interesting to delve into my own emotion/opinions on beauty and it would be interesting to see other peoples perceptions of beauty.
The first thing that Beauty is for me is a warm smile. A smile that no matter how crappy of a day your having can make everything better, one that lets you know that they care. The second thing the Beauty is for me is a laugh. When someone’s laugh is able to make you forget about the world’s problems when someone’s laugh lets you know that they enjoy your company.
And the third thing that is Beauty to me, is support. When someone’s willing to help you out, to take time out of their own busy life to just keep you company, to me, is one of the most beautiful things someone can do for you.

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