Keeping this blog active – The Birth of Project L.

So I have this blog, and since I don’t have any more English literature units I didn’t see it getting used much, so, I decided I’m going to start updating this with a project I’ve recently started working on. Something I’ve wanted to work on for years now.

Before attending Uni with hopes of getting my teaching degree so I can jet off to Japan and teach English I made games. Well, I helped make games, one game. It was bad and I’m not telling you what it was. I also animated too, That I was actually good at, if you want to see that go look up an ABC cartoon called Prisoner Zero. Anything that’s 3D in that, Buildings, Spaceships, 3d Animation, I probably modelled it and animated it.

This is beside the point, I’m going to be using this blog to make updates on a new project I’m just referring to as “Project L.” Project L is a (for now, I might try to implement keyboard or gamepad controls) a point and click adventure game themed around depression, Mental health and the Butterfly Effect. I’ve had this idea for a while now and it wasn’t until the last couple of weeks when seeing Team Harvesters “The Cat Lady” that I realised that my idea fit the point and click, story-driven puzzle game genre more then I realised. So with all that said, I’d like to introduce you to Laurie (white hair) and her childhood friend/roommate Hayley (blue beanie). While these are by no means 100% finalised character designs, I do like the look of them.

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