EDFD 472 – Section 2, Artefact 2 reflection – Storyboard.


The second artefact Is an example of a storyboard I created for my year 7 class to help aid them with their end of term assessment which included:

1. Creating a Short storyboard of a “deleted” scene from How to Train Your Dragon.
2. A short speech, reviewing the film.

Looking back at this artefact I can understand why showing the class a storyboard like this may have made the task more overwhelming. Their storyboard was only expected to be six panels long and was supposed to include small details such as camera movements and a brief description of what is happening in the scene. The example I have presented them is a much more detailed version of their task as I drew too heavily from experience working as an animator.
While I don’t think this was a terrible storyboard to give to the students as it does show what a professional storyboard could look like, I do believe it may have set up unrealistic expectations for how their work had to look which in turn may of discouraged students who believed they couldn’t draw.

If I were to teach this class again I would use this knowledge to tone back my example and would have created an example that better reflected their task. To do this I would:

1. Create the storyboard to be based on the same text they are studying.
2. Constrict myself to the same expectations they had, e.g. Only using six panels and colouring it in.
3. The example would be much neater.
4. I would use the same sheet that they were expected to use.


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