Shakespeare Peer Review #8

For peer review #8 I reviewed Lily’s first impressions of The Tempest.

“Hey, Lily.

I can tell straight away from your blog that you’re really passionate about Shakespeare which is awesome. I enjoyed how knowledgeable your first impression was as you have clearly spent your time with the text to give us your opinion and in turn, has made me want to invest myself more into The Tempest so thank you for the motivation!



Shakespeare Peer Review #7

For this peer review, I decided to review Erin’s three things that for her would fall into the category of Beauty.

“Hey, Erin.

I gotta say that this was an absolute pleasure to read and you definitely have a way with words.
I could vividly imagine each of these scenes as I read them and I think you did a wonderful job.

Thank’s this has completely brightened up my day.


Shakespeare Peer Review #6

For peer review #6 I have chosen to review Josh’s blog post in which he posted a summary of Theseus’ Anti-Imagination Speech.

“Hey, Josh!

Fantastic blog entry, you can really tell that you enjoy studying Shakespeare through your passion displayed in this blog entry. I completely agree with you and Hippolyta that imagination is truly a “strange and admirable” thing to have and think life would just get a tad boring without it.

Keep up the great blogs!




Shakespeare Peer Review #5

For peer review #5 I chose to review Victoria’s synopsis of what Bottom is trying to express at the end of Act 4 Scene 1.

“Hi Victoria,

Great blog entry, I think you did a fantastic job of breaking down what Bottom was trying to express in this section of the play. I particularly liked you going into depth about the language used deconstructing why that particular language was used and what effect it had.

Great work, Keep it up.


Shakespeare Peer Review #4

For this peer review, I decided to review Alina’s letter, written from Hermia’s viewpoint to her father.

“Hey, Alina.
Awesome blog entry, I think you embodied Hermia perfectly. Showing not only her hatred for her father but her love for Lysander while critiquing the ways of that time period really made it seem authentic.
Also, the first crossed outline almost made me spit my drink out laughing so I appreciated that haha.

Awesome blogs!

Shakespeare Peer review 3

Review for week 3’s blog post.

“Hi Christella.
I really enjoyed reading your short exert for a modern day Antony and Cleopatra, I can imagine this would work very well within a modern adaption of the play. Out of curiosity what type of sting would you have this scene be performed in?

Keep up the awesome work!

Shakespeare Peer Review 2

Catching up on peer reviews.

“Hi Ngaire.
I realise this comment is super late so I do apologise for that.
I really like the painting you chose as it definitely has a heavy symbolic meaning behind it. I think you totally nailed what the artists intent was to show through the painting too. One thing that could add to your analysis of it is noting the colours used by the artist, for example, If you look at the figure of Jesus in the image he is very desaturated in comparison to the other figures, which I think lend nicely to your point about the “strain” felt by many people of that time.

I’m really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work!

Shakespeare Peer Review #1

I’ve been really slacking on these reviews, i’m going to try get them done in the next day or so and fix up all the posts that need to be edited.

This is my review of blog #1.

“Hey Amber,

I am well aware that this peer review is super late, that’s my bad!
I really enjoyed reading your blog and I think i’m in complete agreeance with your take on Philos opening speech. Also I never actually considered how Romans would of already had a bias against someone like Cleopatra or people of her race which when I think about it now should of probably been something obvious to think about, so thanks for that!

Good luck with the rest of the blogs!

American Lit – Blog Review #7

For this review, I decided to look at Sibel’s interpretation of Eliot’s poem, ‘The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock’.

“Hey, Sibel,

I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of Eliot’s poem ‘The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock’. It gave some great insight into his work and it shows that you have a pretty solid grasp when it comes to Eliot’s poetry. While I was not a big fan of Eliot I think after reading your review of his poem I may have to give him another go.

Good luck with the rest of the unit!


American Lit – Blog Review #6

For this review, I looked at Victoria’s take on Robert Frost’s Poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

“Hey Victoria,

I had to review someone else who also enjoyed Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening as it was my favourite poem we looked at in the tutorials by far, and I think we like it for very much the same reason. it’s ambiguity. I never even thought about it as nature being the saviour but looking back at the poem now I can completely see how you interpreted this which I think adds to how amazing this poem truly is, that despite multiple readings people are able to find new ways to look at and interpret the piece.

Good luck with the rest of the Unit!